Health Care

Through regular participation in, and the support of the health industry and its peak bodies, the Australasian member firms of ALFA International have a deep understanding of the regulatory, policy and complex operational issues facing health industry professionals and organisations. When professional, ethical and commercial issues compete, the Australasian member firms’ legal advice is sensitive to every nuance and reality because each Australasian member firm’s team of lawyers has specialist expertise gained through long term relationships within the industry.

Services include:

  • defence litigation,
  • inquiries, disciplinary tribunals and administrative law matters including:
    • statutory interpretation of legislation,
    • proceedings under the Professional Services Review Scheme (Health Insurance Act) and subsequent appeals,
    • coroners’ inquests,
    • professional standards committees,
    • medical tribunals,
    • appeal committees under the Health Services Act,
    • Health Rights Commission,
    • Health Care Complaints Commission, and
    • veterinary board inquiries.
  • risk management and compliance including:
    • clinical and patient consenting,
    • clinical care including clinical pathways, and
    • privacy policies and procedures.
  • workplace relations including:
    • drafting VMO appointment documentation and contracts,
    • drafting hospital by-laws in the private sector,
    • employment and workplace relations, and
    • accreditation and credentialing.

With the ongoing development of public and private hospitals, large medical centres and other health care infrastructure being a major long term feature for any economy, each Australasian member firm’s team of lawyers has expertise that extends to advising on contracts for the development, financing, construction and operation of major health care infrastructure.


The Australasian member firms have experience acting for a range of medical / health companies including medical defence organisations, public and private hospitals, insurers, medical associations, day surgeries, diagnostics, government and professional organisations.

A number of the Australasian member firms lawyers have acted in many landmark cases, hold various board and advisory positions within the industry and have been actively involved in drafting significant pieces of legislation in the health sector.

Some of our matters include:

  • Regularly defending some of Australia’s best known medical negligence cases in the High Court, Supreme and District Courts (or their equivalent) in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.
  • Advising on the development of a government department easy claim payment solution accredited by the department which allows health care channels to integrate point of sale software. This technology is currently being rolled out across Australia.
  • Advising and acting on the development and redevelopment of aged care facilities (including reviewing and documenting project management contracts, construction contracts and finance facilities).


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